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Family History & Genealogy Research

Carol P. McCoy, Ph.D
71 Willow Grove Road
Brunswick, Maine 04011

Every family is unique.
My mission is to help people discover
Where did I come from?
Who are my kin?
What makes my family special?
In so doing they will gain a deeper
understanding of their family stories,
connect with kin, and create a family treasure to share.

Carol McCoy
Carol P. McCoy, Ph.D

Dr. Carol P. McCoy, President of Find-Your-Roots and McCoy Consulting, has been tracing her family history for over 25 years. She has been helping others discover their roots for the past seven years. With each new case, Dr. McCoy learns more about researching families in different eras and areas.She uses a variety of sources - online databases, traditional repositories, historical societies, visits to cemeteries, courthouses, town halls, registries of deeds, maps, and a wide network of personal contacts.
The Cumberland County Maine Deed Index Is Now Available for Years 1760-1796, Partially Complete.

Tracing one's family history is a national obsession. People have a deep-seated need to know where they come from, what makes them who they are, and whom they take after. Studying family history helps one to go beyond the present to learn about other people and forces that have helped to shape us.

Understanding your social, cultural, familial, and genetic heritage can shed light on your character, appearance, health, family relationships, and your name. Which side of the family do you resemble? Who do you look like at different ages? Knowing how long your ancestors lived and how they died holds clues for what to watch for in terms of medical problems for you and your descendants. Most likely your journey will help you to discover unknown relatives and to build new friendships.

Genealogy is much more than filling in ancestor and descendant charts with names, dates, and places. Placing your ancestor in historical context gives you a deeper appreciation for history. Knowing what their life was like and what critical historical events occurred during your ancestor's lifetime brings your ancestor as well as history to life

                     How Family Research Can Benefit You

  • Preserve your family history so it can be shared and passed on to others.
  • Create a treasured family heirloom that will bring your family closer together.
  • Learn more about your genealogical makeup! Discover why you are the way you are.
  • Discover and meet new relatives.
  • Enhance your appreciation of history and the struggles that your ancestors faced.
  • Have a deeper understanding of yourself and your family.
  • Learn the skills, talents, business background and mysteries of your family.
  • Discover family photos and articles and other family treasures!

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